“Sport and Homosexuals, Sport for Homosexuals: Models of Integration, Examples of Rejection” An Academic Colloquium

An academic conference exploring issues of self-organisation amongst LGBT athletes and integration in mainstream sport.

The academic colloquium “Sport and homosexuals, sport for homosexuals: models of integration, examples of rejection” was held in December 2011 by the French national LGBT sports federation FSGL, a partner in the ‘Pride in Sport’ project, alongside the universities of Lyon and Montpellier.

The conference aimed to address current debates on homophobia in sport and the role of LGBT sports groups (self-organisation by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender athletes). Panel discussions and key note speeches included themes such as “Homosexuals as seen by the world of sport”, “Bodies in/at play”, “Specificities of LGBT sport”, “Is LGBT sport still necessary?”, “Can the fight against homophobia take place without institutions?”, “Can out athletes live their passion?” and “Can sport be for women?”.

The colloquium was opened by Thierry Maudet, director of the French National Sports Institute and speakers from a number of European countries were represented alongside EGLSF Co-President, Armelle Maze.