Fact Sheets – Guidance Documents for Sports Governing Bodies

Tailored fact sheets in forms of guidance documents have been written for governing bodies of key European Sports: football, handball, volleyball, swimming and basketball. Each of the publications covers:

  • What are the issues? – helping governing bodies to understand key terms and how discrimination may show up in their sport
  • Taking action – providing frameworks and strategies for effective interventions to prevent discrimination in their sport
  • Where to start – proving simple guidance for governing bodies on how they can start to deal with this agenda in their sport
  • Examples of best practice and helpful organisations – giving governing bodies examples and organisations from which they can get advice and inspiration

The guidance documents will:

  • Educate governing bodies on LGBT inclusion in their sport
  • Enable governing bodies to strategically and meaningfully prevent and tackle discrimination in their sport
  • Provide a mechanism for outside organisations, fans and lobby groups to hold governing bodies to account on their LGBT inclusion and discrimination prevention work

Overview of the available guides: